Reservations Precautions.
For reservations using free mail, such as Yahoo and G-mail, due to security protocol may be treated as spam (junk mail).
If you do not receive a reply e-mail after three days after signing up, please check your trash folder or spam (junk-mail) folder, and verify your request with us. On this site, we recommend the use of e-mail address other than the free mail.

There will be 50% cancelation fee if cancelled on the actual day of reservation. Cancelations made during the peak season (12/25-1/7, 4/29-5/6, 8/7-8/20) a 100% cancellation fee will be assessed if made on the actual day of reservation. (50% any cancellation made 1 day prior of the day of reservation.) I acknowledge the charges regarding cancelations on the left hand side
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In case of personal travel please indicate "Individual", if you do not know, please indicate "Undecided".
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If you're not staying in any hotel or condominium please indiacate "Other", if you do not know please indicate "Undecided".
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We will try our best to reserved the vehicle that you have requested. However, please note that there is a possibility that we may not be able to provide you with the requested model.
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0 month to 7 months old  Pax
8 months old to 3 years  Pax
4 years old to 11 years old  Pax
12 years old or older  Pax
Child's age up to 11 years old or if the height is less than 58 inches must be seated on a child seat or booster seat.
[Remarks:] There is a fine of $100 for first time violation and a fine of $200 if a second violation is made within a year. For more information click here
Available start date and pick up time* / /
*Please indicate pick up time if transfer is required, otherwise just indicate rental start time. Please also be aware that the rental start time is not the same as pick up time. Please contact the Tumon office if you wish to be picked up before our start time (646-1243 8:30A.M. - 6:00P.M.).
*Reservations or inquiries made prior to 4 days are possible. However, reservations or inquiries made within 3 days may not be.
Transfer desired location (hotel name or airport)
If not indicated, transfers will not be arranged. For pick up from the airport please enter your arrival and return flight information. If you wish to be pick up from the airport, there will be a $9 fee per person including children. Pick up time only between 9:00am-17:00pm.
Example: United 964 December 5th 14:30
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