Effectve January 1. 2010, New Seat Belt Law for all passengers who are using the car must fasten their seat belt including the passengers in the rear seat.
Person using a rent a car with children riding doesn't obey the child seat belt law will be fined accordingly. First offense up to $100, 2nd offense during that year will be fined up to $200.

1.) Infant from 0yr.--1yr.(under 20lbs.) : must use rear facing seat in the back seat
2.) Child from 1yr.--4yrs, 20lbs.to40lbs.: Need a Forward-facing Child Safety Seat in the back seat.
3.) Child from 4yrs until 11yrs.or 4ft & 9inches: Need a booster seat in the back seat.
4.) Child over 12yrs or height over 4ft.and 9inches: Need the adult seat belt in the back seat.

Infant seat: ( rear facing child seat in the back seat.)
Weight: until 22.lbs
Height: until 2ft.2in.
Age: 0yr until about 1yr.
Child Seat(Forward-facing Child Safety Seat in the back seat)
Weight: from about 20lbs until 40lbs.
Height: from about 2ft.2in.until 3ft.4in.
Age: from about 2yrs. until 4yrs.
Booster Seat(Booster Seat in the back seat)
Weight: from 33lbs.until about 40lbs.
Height: from 3ft4in.until about 4ft.9in.
Age: from 4yrs.until about 11yrs.
※The picture shown is a sample one not the actual one.
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